The Network Access Plan (NAP)
Important Information
For additional important information about the Anthem Blue Cross-administered NAP Plan, see the Definitions and Claims and Appeals sections.
Eligibility for the Network Access Plan (NAP) – a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan — is dependent upon where you live. Anthem Blue Cross on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Insurance Company (Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health) is the Claims Administrator. The Claims Administrator is referred to as "Anthem Blue Cross" in this document.
If your home ZIP code meets the following access criteria, you are eligible to enroll in the Network Access Plan (NAP). If your home ZIP code does not meet the criteria, you are instead eligible to enroll in the Comprehensive Access Plan (CAP). See the Comprehensive Access Plan (CAP) section for further details on that plan.
Plan Network Access Standards
  • One hospital within 10 miles
  • Two primary care physicians within 8 miles
  • Two OB/GYNs within 8 miles
  • Two pediatricians within 8 miles
  • One hospital within 15 miles
  • Two primary care physicians within 15 miles
  • Two OB/GYNs within 15 miles
  • Two pediatricians within 15 miles
  • One hospital within 30 miles
  • Two primary care physicians within 30 miles
  • Two OB/GYNs within 30 miles
  • Two pediatricians within 30 miles
For assistance in locating a network provider in your area or to obtain a Prudent Buyer Plan PPO network provider directory, contact Anthem Blue Cross Member Services at 800-964-0530. You may also visit the Anthem Blue Cross Web site at or, and select the Prudent Buyer Network option.