PG&E Medical Plan Chooser
PG&E offers a fast, easy way for employees to compare PG&E-sponsored medical plan options. Use the online Medical Plan Chooser to find the coverage that may be best for you and your family. Many people make the mistake of choosing a plan based solely on the monthly contribution. However, cost is only one factor to consider. The online Chooser can help you evaluate the medical plans that:
  • Contract with your doctors
  • Offer programs for particular needs like staying healthy or managing a condition
  • Cover the medical services that are important to you
  • May be most affordable overall
To get the best value from your PG&E-sponsored medical plan with the PG&E Medical Plan Chooser, log on to PG&E@Work For Me > About Me > My Benefits tab or PG&E@Work For Me > Open Enrollment tab to access the link to the Chooser. (Note: This option is not available to employees on Long-Term Disability.)
Use the Chooser to find the right medical plan for you:
  • Select what matters. You select the topics that matter to you in a medical plan. For example, you might want a plan that provides a back pain care program or offers support for a healthy pregnancy.
  • See your options. The Chooser shows all the medical plans available to you, highlighting the features you note as important.
  • Rate the plans. You compare plans based on:
    • Estimated costs — See how the costs might add up under each plan (your contributions plus your costs when you get care), so you can budget for the year.
    • Doctors available — Find a new doctor or see which plans your doctor belongs to.
    • Member ratings — See what plan members say about each plan.
    • Plan rules and features — Learn how the plans work and what you can do to save money under each plan.
    • Wellness programs — Find wellness benefits like health coaches or weight-loss programs.
    • Covered services — See what services are covered and how much you would pay for those services.
Get your results — See a side-by-side summary of all the plans to zero in on the best match for you.