Financial Engines
Financial Engines is an unbiased, independent advisory firm which the Plan Administrator has selected to provide Plan participants with support and assistance in making investment decisions. Financial Engines provides two basic types of assistance.
On-Line Advice
Financial Engines' On-Line Advice service is an internet-based interactive service that can help you:
  • Build an investment strategy;
  • Get advice on which investments to select in Tiers 1 and 2 of the Plan; and
  • Monitor your account over time.
You can access On-Line Advice through Fidelity NetBenefits℠ at by selecting the Financial Engines link. There is no cost to you for using On-Line Advice since PG&E pays the full cost of this service.
Professional Management
You have the option to enroll in Financial Engines' Professional Management. If you enroll in Professional Management, you are retaining Financial Engines as your own investment advisor. There are fees associated with this service (see "Fees and Expenses" for more information).
As your investment advisor, Financial Engines will:
  • Create a retirement savings strategy for your Plan investments;
  • Professionally manage your account for you, including directing Fidelity to carry out investment transactions on your behalf; and
  • Provide you with quarterly progress reports.
Fees for Professional Management will be deducted quarterly from your Plan account based on the assets in your account that are under professional management. Please read about applicable fees at
The specific terms of your relationship with Financial Engines are set forth in the customer agreement that you enter into directly with Financial Engines. If you enroll in Professional Management, you may terminate at any time by contacting Financial Engines.
Professional Management Income+
If you're enrolled in Professional Management, you can take advantage of Fidelity's Income+ service if you're age 60 or within five years from retirement.
  • Help with preservation. Get help with managing your account with a goal of balancing growth with safety. Fidelity will provide you with an updated Retirement Plan that shows the adjusted investment strategy for your PG&E account.
  • Help with planning. Speak to a Professional Management Income+ Investment Advisor Representative for a Retirement Checkup. Review when you might be able to retire, what sources of income you'll have in retirement, and how much you may be able to spend.
  • Help with payouts. At your request, the service can also provide monthly payouts from your PG&E Corporation Retirement Savings Plan account that can last throughout your retirement.
If you enroll in Professional Management, Financial Engines has responsibility as a fiduciary to you for the advice and management it provides. Neither the Plan Administrator nor the Corporation is responsible for the results or advice provided by Financial Engines. During the time that you are enrolled in Professional Management, Financial Engines will make all investment decisions with respect to your account. You will not have the ability to make or implement investment decisions directly until you terminate your relationship with Financial Engines.
Financial Engines will only manage investments in Tiers 1 and 2 of the Plan. If you have investments in the Self-Directed Account (Tier 3) at the time you enroll in Professional Management, you may maintain your balance in the Self-Directed Account, but you will be responsible for the investment of these assets. During the time you are enrolled in Professional Management, you will not be permitted to make additional payroll contributions into any mutual funds available through the Self-Directed Account.
For more information about retaining Financial Engines as your investment advisor, including fees for the Professional Management service, please contact Fidelity's RSP Service Center by calling 877-PGE-401K (877-743-4015), or visit