Borrowing, Pledging, and Assigning Interests in the Plan
No participant or beneficiary may borrow against, pledge, or assign—voluntarily or involuntarily, or by operation of law—any interest in the Plan or in any distribution to be made under the Plan. However, this does not prevent an employee from obtaining a loan from his or her Plan account in accordance with the Plan's loan procedures. Also, a spouse, former spouse, child, or other dependent of an employee may be able to claim an interest in an employee's Plan benefits under a QDRO issued by a court (see "Qualified Domestic Relations Orders" below). If a participant files for personal bankruptcy, an exclusion and certain exceptions under the bankruptcy law may be applicable to part or all of the participant's Plan account.
Except as described above, no party, including creditors of PG&E Corporation, has or may create a lien on any funds, securities, or other assets held under the Plan.