Plan Administration and the Corporation's Power and Duties
The PG&E Corporation Employee Benefit Committee is the Plan Administrator and is responsible for the overall administration of the Plan. This committee has the sole power and discretionary authority to establish, and from time to time revise, such rules and regulations as may be necessary to administer the Plan in a nondiscriminatory manner for the exclusive benefit of participants and all other persons entitled to benefits under the Plan. This committee delegates to the Senior Vice President – Human Resources of PG&E Corporation and assigned staff the authority to interpret, implement, and revise rules and regulations as necessary to administer the Plan in a proper and nondiscriminatory manner. Staff is also responsible for overseeing participant recordkeeping, accounting, reporting, and receipt and disbursement of Plan assets.
The Plan Administrator has the discretionary authority to interpret and construe the terms of the Plan, to resolve any conflicts or discrepancies between documents and to establish rules which are necessary or desirable for the administration of the Plan.