EAP Coverage at a Glance
The following chart summarizes the EAP's services:
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • The EAP provides assistance with issues such as:
    • Family and relationship problems
    • Workplace concerns
    • Alcohol and drug issues
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Stress at home or work
    • Financial and legal concerns
    • Child and adult care referrals
  • Services include:
    • Up to six sessions per six-month period with a licensed EAP counselor
    • A 30-minute telephonic consultation with a certified financial advisor
    • A 30-minute telephonic or in-person consultation with an attorney
    • Work/Life information and referrals to community-based services for child care, adult care, adoption and more
    • Interactive online tools and resources available from work or home
For more information about legal or financial consultations or referrals, see "Legal/Financial Solutions: Value Options" and "Work Life Program" in the Work/Life Benefits section.