Health & Wellness Portal
Provant's Health & Wellness portal offers a variety of tools and trackers available whenever you have time. Anything you view, participate in or enter into the portal is completely confidential.
  • wellness workshops: week-by-week guided programs on a variety of health topics designed to provide you with the means to establish and maintain healthy habits; and
  • health tools, including:
    • meal planners that create a customized shopping list based on your health risks and generate a downloadable list that can be taken to the market;
    • exercise planners, created by Provant Health's professional trainers, that offer a weekly regimen of cardiovascular and strength training exercises that you can incorporate into your fitness plan;
    • daily food logs to help you track your meals and analyze your daily nutrition;
    • physical activity logs, such as Strength Training Log, Cardio Log and Pedometer Tracker to help you plan and track your progress toward your fitness goals;
    • a health library and health calculators to help you become better informed about important health topics, such as your target heart rate, recommended daily calcium intake and ideal body mass index (BMI);
    • the "Ask the Dietitian" and "Ask the Trainer" tools that let you submit questions to experts in nutrition and exercise; typical response times are within 24-48 hours; and
    • the Health Risk Questionnaire to help you identify any health risks and create a personalized plan to help you on your path to better health or to maintain your current good health.
To access the Health & Wellness portal, go to:
Under "First Time Users" in the bottom right, go to "Click Here to Sign Up." Fill out the registration form to get your user name and password.