Online Health Risk Questionnaire
The Wellness Program includes an online Health Risk Questionnaire, a secure online 15-minute survey that asks about your current health, diet, fitness, safety and general lifestyle.
Participating in a Health Risk Questionnaire can help you identify life-threatening risk factors which can lead to chronic illness. And because your Health Screening results are pre-populated in the online Health Risk Questionnaire, your survey results can offer you and your health coach the "big picture" on your overall health risks, needs and issues, so you can work together to make lifestyle changes or seek treatment in time to avoid serious illness.
To take the Provant Health Risk Questionnaire, log in to the Health & Wellness portal at and complete the registration if you haven't already. After you have logged in, on the left side, find the "Health" heading and click on "Health Assessment."
Once you have completed the Health Risk Questionnaire, you will immediately receive your confidential personal outcomes report with active links to portal tools and features to help you address any health risks you may have. The report will also generate an individualized wellness plan and action steps and recommendations for making positive lifestyle changes and reducing health risks.