Health Screenings
Earn Additional Health Account Credits
You can earn additional Health Account Credits by participating in a health screening ($250 for single coverage, $500 for family coverage) and test tobacco free or complete PG&E's tobacco cessation program ($250 for single coverage, $500 for family coverage).
The Wellness Program covers annual health screenings for employees to identify risk factors that can lead to chronic disease and set health goals that can help delay or prevent these conditions. Screenings also include a test to verify if you are tobacco-free.
You have three options of locations for completing a health screening:
  • On-site at larger PG&E locations: Specific locations and dates will be determined and communicated annually. The onsite health screening consists of a non-fasting finger prick to measure total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, LDL/HDL risk ratio and glucose. Body mass index (BMI), height, weight and blood pressure measurements will also be taken.
  • At your health care provider: If you complete a health screening at your provider's office, you will need to download a Health Screening Results form from Provant's Health & Wellness portal. Your provider must complete the form with results from the past six months or order a wellness screening for new results, then submit the form to Provant. Note that a health screening at your health care provider does not include the tobacco screening, which can only be conducted onsite at PG&E or via the concierge service option.
  • Via a concierge service: You can contact Provant to schedule a health screening (including the tobacco screening) for your home or for small groups at your work location. Screenings must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and will be confirmed 24 hours prior. Results for health screenings conducted through the concierge service will not be immediately available. You'll be able to access your results online at two to three weeks after your screening.