Health Advocacy Services
Provant's team of advocates can help you identify, navigate and resolve a variety of health care matters, including claims or billing issues. For example:
  • Navigational Advocates can help you find in-network providers and access the care you need.
  • Administrative Advocates can help with claims paperwork, such as explaining claim payments or resolving billing issues.
These experienced professionals can:
  • educate you about PG&E's benefits and help you make informed decisions about coverage;
  • help you find the right doctors and health care facilities;
  • facilitate authorizations and provider referrals;
  • resolve eligibility issues and negotiate with providers;
  • help resolve billing and claims issues; and
  • assist with grievances and appeals.
You can access advocate services Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time, at 866-271-8144. You will also be able to gain access to advocates via email at