What If…
"Company" Defined
Throughout this section, unless otherwise stated, reference to "Company" or "PG&E" means Pacific Gas and Electric Company. For plans sponsored by PG&E Corporation, reference to "Company" or "PG&E" means PG&E Corporation. The plans and benefits described in this section are also applicable to employees of designated subsidiaries and affiliates, but only to the extent that such entities are participating employers with respect to the described plans or programs and such employees meet the eligibility requirements of the plans or programs.
PG&E's plans and programs are designed to be flexible so you can adapt to changes in your life, depending on the events that you experience. This section provides general information about how your benefits may be affected by those life events. Where appropriate, it offers tips about things you may want to consider, actions you may want to take and sources where you can find more information.
The events are grouped into the following categories:
This section also includes "Other Rules", covering event-based rules.
This section is just intended to be a useful guide discussing some, but not all, situations that employees and participants may experience. This is a summary only and benefits are governed by the terms of the respective plans themselves, not these summaries. Any inconsistencies will be governed by the terms of the plans.