Retiree Optional Plan (ROP)
Important Information
For additional important information about the Anthem Blue Cross-administered Retiree Optional Plan, see the Definitions and Claims and Appeals Process sections.
The Retiree Optional Plan (ROP) is available to all retirees, their spouses/registered domestic partners and their eligible dependents, and surviving dependents of retirees and their eligible dependents, regardless of their age or where they live.
The Retiree Optional Plan has a lower monthly premium cost than some of the other Company-sponsored medical plans administered by Anthem Blue Cross, although it has higher out-of-pocket costs when services are actually used. Like all of the other medical plans, the ROP offers comprehensive coverage in the event of a major illness and protects members against catastrophic costs.
This fee-for-service style medical plan is administered by Anthem Blue Cross on behalf of the Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company (Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health) for medical claims. The medical Claims Administrator is referred to as "Anthem Blue Cross" in this document. The prescription drug benefits are administered by Express Scripts. Please see the Prescription Drug Coverage section for more information.