Eligible Survivors of Retirees
Surviving Dependents (spouses, domestic partners, or eligible dependent children) of a Company employee or Retiree are eligible for continued medical plan coverage if they were enrolled in a Company-sponsored medical plan at the time of the employee's or Retiree's death as long as they are not covered under another group plan, other than Medicare. Surviving Dependent children must also continue to meet the eligibility required for dependent children.
Surviving Dependents who get married or register a domestic partnership are no longer eligible to be covered under a Company-sponsored medical plan, even if the new spouse has no other medical coverage. If you get married, please notify the PG&E Benefits Service Center immediately to avoid having to reimburse PG&E for the coverage for which you were not eligible.
Coverage in the plan will continue for your eligible surviving family members until:
  • the death of your surviving spouse/domestic partner regardless of any other dependents covered on the plan;
  • your dependents become enrolled under another group health care, hospital, surgical or medical plan;
  • your dependents do not make the required monthly premium contributions;
  • your spouse remarries or enters into a registered domestic partnership;
  • your domestic partner enters into another domestic partnership or marries;
  • your children no longer qualify as Eligible Dependents according to the plan, or
  • your spouse/domestic partner drops coverage.
When Survivor Eligibility Ends
Once a surviving spouse/domestic partner or Eligible Dependent:
  • waives coverage,
  • does not make the required premium contribution, or
  • loses coverage for any reason,
he or she will be ineligible to re-enroll in the plan anytime in the future.