When Coverage Ends
For You
Your health care coverage will continue until the end of the month in which:
  • you fail to pay your share of the cost of coverage. If you are billed monthly in advance, you will have no coverage for any month in which you fail to pay your share of the coverage cost; or
  • the Plan terminates.
For Your Dependents
Your dependents' coverage will end when your coverage ends, or on the last day of the month in which they no longer qualify as Eligible Dependents. If you become legally separated or divorced, or if your registered domestic partnership ends, the coverage of your former spouse/domestic partner and his or her children (including step-children, unless you have adopted them) will end on the last day of the month in which the legal separation, divorce or termination of domestic partnership becomes final. You may, however, continue to cover your domestic partner's children if those children were born or adopted during the period of your registered partnership. You must notify the PG&E Benefits Service Center within 31 days of the effective date of divorce, legal separation, termination of a domestic partnership or a dependent's loss of eligibility. Also see "Extended Benefits When Coverage Ends."
Continuing Coverage Under COBRA
When coverage ends, you and your covered dependents may be eligible to continue your existing benefits under the COBRA Continuation Program or convert your medical coverage to an individual policy. Please see "COBRA and Conversion to an Individual Medical Policy" for more information on continuing coverage that has ended.