About This Handbook
Keep this Handbook and other applicable Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for your future reference when you want to find details about PG&E-sponsored benefit plans and programs. This Handbook and other applicable SPDs provide union-negotiated benefits information as well as information on some benefits that are not negotiated. When changes are made to these programs, PG&E communicates those changes to participants. In many, but not all instances, changes are communicated through Summaries of Material Modifications (SMMs). SMMs are frequently part of the Open Enrollment materials. Please keep the communications that notify you of changes in the employee benefit programs with this Handbook for future reference.
Plan Documents Govern
The plan document for the plans described in this Handbook, the terms of this Summary of Benefits Handbook which pertain to the respective plans, and the documents which are Summaries of Material Modifications to those plans govern the operation of the plans and comprise the plan documents. If a conflict exists between these plan documents and any other communications or documents, these plan documents shall govern the operation of the plans.
The Employee Benefit Committee of PG&E Corporation is the Plan Administrator of these plans and has the discretionary authority to interpret and construe the terms of the plan documents, to resolve any conflicts or discrepancies between documents and to establish rules which are necessary or desirable for the administration of the plans.
Plan Amendment and Termination
The Company, acting through its authorized representatives, reserves the right to amend or terminate any or all of the plans described in this Handbook at any time and for any reason, or to suspend contributions to the plans, in whole or in part, at any time, subject to any applicable collective bargaining agreements.
Any change to the plans or the termination of any plans will not affect the benefits payable to plan members before the date the plan was changed or ended, but such change may result in reduced levels of benefits or benefit coverage, or higher levels of employee contributions, after the effective date of any such change.
In the event that the Company terminates a plan for any reason without replacing it, you will be given notice.
The plans may also be terminated by judicial action if the Company is bankrupt or insolvent, or upon complete dissolution, merger, consolidation or reorganization without provision by a successor-company for continuation of the plans.