Retiree Medical Coverage
Upon retirement, you may choose to continue medical coverage under the PG&E Retiree Medical Plan if you meet the eligibility requirements. In general, the dependents you cover as an employee will also continue to be eligible to be covered under your retiree plan.
You must complete the Retiree Medical Election Form and return it to the PG&E Benefits Service Center at least 30 days before your retirement date, even if you are electing to delay your pension. If the form is not received by the PG&E Benefits Service Center on time, your medical coverage will be cancelled as of your retirement date. If your coverage is cancelled, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment period to re-enroll in a PG&E-sponsored retiree medical plan.
If you do not want to continue your PG&E-sponsored medical coverage, you may elect to decline Retiree Medical Plan coverage. However, if you decline coverage, you can re-enroll only during an Open Enrollment period.
If Your Coverage Is Cancelled or You Decline Coverage
To enroll during Open Enrollment, you must call the PG&E Benefits Service Center by September 1 to notify the Center of your intent to re-enroll for the upcoming calendar year.