Vision Coverage
Vision care is administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP), which has a network of over 27,000 eye doctors. While you may receive vision care from any doctor you choose, using a VSP-network doctor has two advantages:
  • Vision Service Plan pays VSP doctors directly, so there are no claim forms to submit. If you go to a non-VSP doctor, you will have to pay the doctor yourself and then file a claim with VSP for reimbursement. Your benefits will be less if you use a non-VSP doctor.
  • Exams, standard lenses and frames, or medically necessary contact lenses from VSP doctors are covered after you pay a $10 exam copayment and/or a $25 materials copayment. Both copayments apply to each covered person. Please see How the Plan Works for more details. For services and supplies you receive from non-VSP doctors, you will receive an allowance from VSP for covered services which generally will not fully reimburse you for all of your expenses.