If You Have Both a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) and a Health Account
If you participate in both the HCFSA and the Health Account, your health care debit card, as well as the auto reimbursement process (Kaiser members only), is programmed to deduct money first from your HCFSA to help you avoid forfeiting unused amounts at the end of the year. After you use all the money in your HCFSA, money will automatically then be drawn from your Health Account. Remember, only $500 from a HCFSA can be rolled over each year, while balances in your Health Account roll over year after year, as long as one of the following occurs:
  • You remain enrolled in the Health Account Plan (HAP), whether as an active employee or through COBRA;
  • You retire with eligibility for PG&E's retiree medical coverage; or
  • You go on Long-Term Disability and remain enrolled in a PG&E medical plan.
Health Account
Types of eligible expenses you can incur
All IRS Section 213(d) eligible health care expenses
All IRS Section 213(d) eligible health care expenses
When you can start incurring eligible expenses
  • January 1 of the year for which you open the account, if you enroll during the Open Enrollment period
  • The date your coverage is effective, if you enroll midyear
The IRS prohibits you from filing claims for expenses you incur before your Health Account has been established.
You'll be able to incur eligible expenses on or after the date your Health Account is established, not before.
How you can pay for eligible expenses
  • Automatic reimbursement process for KPIC members (unless you turn off the automatic reimbursement feature through Kaiser Health Payment Services)
  • Your YSA debit card (for Anthem HAP members)
  • Your Kaiser debit card (for Kaiser HAP members): for pharmacy purchases only
  • Your own personal credit card, cash or check
    • You'll need to file a claim for reimbursement
Deadline for Claim Reimbursements
Claims can be submitted for reimbursement from the Health Account for eligible expenses incurred during the months in which you were covered under the Health Account Plan (HAP). Claims can be submitted to the processing center until March 31 of the following year. Please note that full documentation (all applicable receipts and statements) must be received, along with the claim, by the March 31 deadline. If complete documentation is not received by the March 31 deadline, then your claim will be denied.