Medical Coverage for Participants on Long-Term Disability
In 2014, if you are an employee receiving benefits under the Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan sponsored by the Company, your medical plan options will be one or more of the following plans: the Network Access Plan (NAP) or the Comprehensive Access Plan (CAP), both administered by Anthem Blue Cross, the Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plan or Kaiser Senior Advantage. The specific plan(s) that are available to you will be based on your home ZIP code and your Medicare-eligibility.
For details about the Anthem NAP or CAP plans or Kaiser Senior Advantage, see "Medical Coverage" under the Health Care Benefits section of the 2011 Summary of Benefits Handbook for Management and Administrative & Technical Employees as modified by subsequent Summaries of Material Modifications (e.g., annual open enrollment guides), Evidences of Coverage and insurance policies, or see the most current summary plan description. For details about the Kaiser EPO Plan, please refer to the most current Kaiser Permanente Exclusive Provider Organization Plan Summary of Benefits Handbook.
Please note: Effective January 1, 2013, the Blue Shield and Health Net Plans are no longer offered.