Tuition Refund Program
The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and PG&E Corporation and its covered affiliates (referred to collectively as the "Company" in this section), offers the Tuition Refund Program. The Tuition Refund Program allows you the opportunity to enroll in approved courses. These approved courses are designed to assist you in performing your current duties in the most productive manner possible and to help enable you to assume new duties in the future.
The Tuition Refund Program is a Company practice and is not subject to employee benefits regulations including, but not limited to, ERISA.
To view the entire Tuition Refund Program guidelines online, go to Tuition Refund Program on the PG&E@Work intranet.
Contact Information
If you have questions about your eligibility to participate in the Tuition Refund Program or about your application, payment in advance, textbook reimbursement, or employee records, you should contact the Tuition Refund Program Office. The contact information is:
Effective November 21, 2011, administration of the Tuition Refund Program will migrate to EdLink Corporation: