Continuing Coverage Under COBRA
Don't Miss the Deadlines!
There are very specific timelines and enrollment requirements that must be followed in order to obtain COBRA continuation coverage. It is important that you and your covered Eligible Dependents read all the information that is provided regarding COBRA continuation coverage. If you or your dependents have questions about COBRA coverage, you and your dependents are encouraged to call Ceridian Benefits Services at 800-877-7994, send an email to, or visit Ceridian's Web site at
If your Company-sponsored health care coverage ends, you and your covered dependents may be eligible for continued benefit coverage through COBRA.
In addition, you may be able to convert your medical plan coverage to an individual medical plan policy. You also have the option to contact an independent insurance broker to obtain individual medical coverage. See "Conversion to an Individual Medical Policy."
COBRA Coverage
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), a federal law, allows you and/or your covered Eligible Dependents to continue participation in the Company-sponsored group health plans (including the Company-sponsored medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, mental health and substance abuse plans, the Health Care Reimbursement Account, and the Employee Assistance Program) beyond the normal period if you have lost these coverages because of the occurrence of one of the qualifying events described under Eligibility in this section. Medical plan options are based on the qualified beneficiary's residence ZIP code. Obtaining coverage through COBRA is at your own cost and may continue for a period of up to either 18 or 36 months, depending on the event. If you elect continued coverage through COBRA, benefits will be identical to your current coverage; any subsequent changes in the plans for active employees will also apply to you. Also see "If Your COBRA Coverage Ends."
Certificates of Creditable Coverage
You or your dependents may need to provide a subsequent employer or health plan with proof that you previously had coverage under the Company-sponsored health plans. This proof may allow you to avoid or reduce a preexisting condition exclusion period under another plan or otherwise help you enroll in another plan. When you or your dependents lose medical coverage under a Company-sponsored health plan, your medical provider will send you a "certificate of creditable coverage" showing proof of your prior health coverage. This certificate will state the period of time you and your dependents were covered under the Company-sponsored health plan, including coverage through COBRA, and a statement about your rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA"). Please keep the "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" with your personal records.
You or your dependents may request a Certificate of Creditable Coverage while you are enrolled in a Company-sponsored health plan or within 24 months after your coverage ends by contacting your medical coverage provider.