Employee Discount
You Must Call
It is your responsibility to contact the Contact Center at 800-743-5000 to request the rate. The employee rate is not automatic.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company offers its employees a 25% discount on Pacific Gas and Electric Company-supplied gas for an employee's single family primary residence (domestic use only). The discount for PG&E supplied electric service is 25% discount on the full Tier 1 rate, plus 25% of the charges for all usage in excess of baseline calculated using the Tier 2 rate. There is no employee discount for non-tiered electric rates.
The Employee Discount is a Pacific Gas and Electric Company practice and is not subject to employee benefits regulations including, but not limited to, ERISA.
You are eligible for this discount if you are an employee of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and you have completed six months of continuous service and attained regular status. (This includes employees on Military Leave.)
In order to receive this benefit you must:
  • live within the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's service territory, and
  • have the service in your name at your primary residence.
An employee is eligible to receive employee rates only at the employee's principal residence. However, a General Construction employee or other employee similarly required to be away from his/her principal residence on PG&E work assignment is eligible for the discount while occupying a second residence.
Employees who are eligible for the discount under residential single family rate, and who have two separate meters providing residential service to their principal residence, may receive the employee rate discount on both services. For example, one meter serves the home and the second meter serves a domestic well pump. Where the meter serves more than one residence, such as a duplex, employee rates are not applicable.
Where two or more PG&E Company employees share the same, single-metered, primary residence, only one employee rate discount may be claimed for that residence. Employees residing in such a shared residence who are not the customer of record for that residence may not apply for an employee discount at an alternate residence, which is not their primary residence.
You are also eligible for this discount if you are a qualified pensioner of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. A qualified pensioner is any employee who worked for the Company and retired at the age of 55 or greater. Employees who retire from PG&E Corporation are not entitled to the employee discount.
You are not eligible for benefits if you are a summer hire, summer technical intern, contract employee, agency employee, or leased employee. Intermittent employees and other temporary employees who are not expected to become regular employees are also not eligible for coverage. In addition, you are not eligible if you are an employee of:
  • any subsidiary of Pacific Gas and Electric Company;
  • any affiliated company; or
  • PG&E Corporation or any affiliated company of PG&E Corporation.
When an employee's employment with the Company is terminated for a reason other than retirement, the Human Resource department shall immediately notify Customer Billing, which shall remove the employee's residence from residential employee rates effective on the date employment is terminated. This includes termination of employment with the Company prior to rehire as an employee of the PG&E Corporation or one of its non-utility subsidiaries.