Floating Holidays
You will automatically be allocated 24 hours of floating holiday time on January 1 of each year in which you have worked (including years in which you are not actively at work but receiving pay while on sick leave, vacation, on Workers' Compensation for less than 880 cumulative hours in a calendar year, unpaid leave of absence of less than 240 hours in a calendar year, or a paid leave of absence).
Request for use of Floating Holidays is limited to days that the employee is scheduled to work.
Unused Floating Holiday Pay Upon Termination
If you terminate your employment with the Company or are laid off, you will be paid for all unused floating holiday hours at your base rate of pay at the time of your termination.
Unused floating holiday hours will convert to deferred vacation in January of the following calendar year. If your floating holidays convert and you exceed your total maximum vacation allowance on December 31 of that year, the excess vacation hours will be paid out by the end of February of the following year.
See "Excess Vacation Payout" and "How to Schedule or Defer Your Vacation" under "Vacation Program."
Alternate Work Schedules
Please refer to your union agreement for details on floating holiday pay for employees on alternate work schedules.