Health Care Eligibility at a Glance
Eligibility for you, the employee
In general, you are eligible for the health care coverage, regardless of whether you are a probationary employee or have reached regular status, if
  • You are actively employed as a full-time or part-time employee, or a probationary union-represented employee.
  • You are represented by the IBEW, ESC, or SEIU.
Eligibility for your family members
In general, the following are eligible dependents:
  • Your spouse or domestic partner
  • Your children who are under age 26, including stepchildren, children born during a registered domestic partnership, foster children, legally adopted children, and children for whom you have been permanently appointed legal guardianship by a court (does not include the legal wards of your spouse/domestic partner)
  • The children of your registered domestic partner who are under age 26, including legally adopted children
  • Your children who are eligible for coverage and become disabled before age 26 may be eligible for coverage beyond age 26 if their disability is certified before they lose eligibility
For more information, see "Eligible Dependents" in the Health Care Participation section.
Who's Not Eligible
For details on ineligible dependents, see "Ineligible Dependents" in the Health Care Participation section
In general, the following people are not eligible for coverage under the health care plans:
  • Intermittent and temporary employees
  • Contract employees
  • Agency employees
  • Former spouses and former domestic partners
  • A child for whom your registered domestic partner is the legal guardian
Required Enrollment
  • For most of the health care benefits, you must enroll to participate, and must do so within 31 days of becoming eligible. If you do not enroll yourself and your eligible dependents within 31 days of your becoming eligible, you may not be able to enroll again until the next annual Open Enrollment period, unless you experience an eligible change-in-status event.
When Participation Begins
  • If you enroll as required, your coverage generally begins the first day of the month after your enrollment elections are received.