Forfeiture of Unclaimed Benefit Payments
If you receive, or are entitled to receive, a benefit payment from one of the self-insured health plans and the Claims Administrator cannot locate you, the payment will be returned to the Company or, if paid from one of the Company's trust funds, the appropriate trust. If, after three years from the date on which the benefit is paid or became payable, you have not accepted the payment or corresponded with the Claims Administrator or Trustee in writing concerning the benefit payment, the payment will be forfeited to the Company's operating general assets or trust that issued the payment. For additional information on plan funding, see "Funding" in the table that describes "The Pacific Gas and Electric Company Health Care Plan for Retirees and Surviving Dependents."
If you, your spouse, beneficiary or joint pensioner are entitled to receive a benefit under The Pacific Gas and Electric Company Retirement Plan, and the plan administrator cannot locate you or any of your spouse, beneficiary or joint pensioner at the time any required distributions from the plan must be taken, such benefit will be forfeited, such forfeited benefit being subject to reinstatement prior to the termination of the plan without any earnings or interest adjustment thereon.