Facility of Payment
If you are entitled to any payment under the Plan, and the Plan Administrator determines that you are physically or mentally incompetent and no guardian or conservator has been appointed to receive your payment, the Plan Administrator may make payments on your behalf to a third-party to be applied for and on behalf of and for your benefit. Payments made on your behalf will completely discharge the Plan's responsibility for the amount of the payment.
No Guarantee of Employment
Participation in the Plan does not guarantee your right to employment with PG&E Corporation or any affiliates. Further, nothing set forth in this Summary of Benefits Handbook should be interpreted to give you or your beneficiary any legal or equitable rights against PG&E or its affiliates.
Military Service
Federal law provides rights to certain reemployed veterans for service credit and makeup contributions for all or a portion of the period of military service. Please contact Fidelity's RSP Service Center at 877-PGE-401K (877-743-4015) for more information.
Missing Participants
If the Plan Administrator is unable to locate a Participant after three years and after reasonable efforts have been made to do so, the Participant's benefit under the Plan will forfeited and used to offset future employer contributions. If a proper claim is subsequently presented, the Participant's benefit will be reinstated.
Requests for Documents
Participants may review the Plan document, the Trust Agreement between the Corporation and Fidelity Management Trust Company, Investment Agreements between the Corporation and the investment managers, and the Summary Plan Description and any amendments or changes to the provisions contained in these documents at the office of the Plan Administrator. Any report regarding the Plan filed with the Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, or any other governmental agency is also available for review. Requests for copies of any of these documents must be made to the Plan Administrator as follows:
Employee Benefit Committee of PG&E Corporation
1850 Gateway Boulevard 7025C
Concord, CA 94520
The Plan Administrator reserves the right to charge for providing such copies up to the amount permitted under ERISA.
Copies of PG&E Corporation's latest annual report to shareholders, proxy statement, reports, and other communications sent to shareholders, are available without charge upon oral or written request to the Plan Administrator. Requests may be directed to:
PG&E Corporation
Corporate Secretary
77 Beale Street, 24th floor
Mail Code B24W
San Francisco, CA 94105