Beneficiary Designation
There is not a separate beneficiary designation form for your AD&D coverage. You are automatically the beneficiary for any loss sustained by your covered spouse or domestic partner and any other covered loss you sustain other than death. The beneficiary you designate will receive benefits paid as a result of the loss of your life. If you have questions or would like to request a Designation of Beneficiary Form, you may contact Metropolitan Life Insurance Company at 888-878-8490 and a form will be sent to you for completion. You can also complete an on-line form at
It is important that you always keep your beneficiary designations up to date. This is your responsibility. You may change your beneficiary designations at any time. Paper designations and changes are effective on the date you sign the form. Any beneficiary designation or change will not affect any payment Metropolitan Life Insurance Company makes or actions it takes before the notice of designation or change is received and processed.
Death of a Beneficiary
A person's rights as a beneficiary end if that person dies:
  • before your death occurs; or
  • at the same time your death occurs; or
  • within 24 hours of your death.
The share for that person will be divided among the surviving persons you have named as beneficiary, unless you have chosen otherwise.
No Beneficiary at Your Death
If no beneficiary should survive you, your benefit will be paid to the first survivor(s) in this order:
  • your spouse (includes registered domestic partner);
  • your children (does not include step-children);
  • your parents; or
  • your brothers and sisters (including half-brothers and half-sisters).
If there are no survivors as listed above, payment will be made to your estate.