Eligibility, Enrollment, and Cost
You are eligible to elect Postretirement AD&D coverage if:
  • you ended your employment at or after age 55 ("retired"), and
  • you were enrolled in Basic AD&D coverage of $250,000 under the Company's Group Life Insurance Plan immediately before retirement.
Enrollment and Changes
If eligible, you must elect Postretirement AD&D coverage for yourself and your eligible spouse or registered domestic partner at the time of your retirement. If coverage is not elected upon retirement, no further Postretirement AD&D coverage will be available.
Following retirement, a retiree who has already elected coverage may elect or change coverage for a spouse or registered domestic partner during a scheduled open enrollment period. Elections and changes go into effect on the first day of the year following the open enrollment period.
Cost of Coverage
You pay the full cost for your Postretirement AD&D Insurance coverage.