Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)
For all of the HMO plans, you and your dependents will be assigned a primary care physician (PCP) when you first join the plan. Later, if you want to change your primary care physician, you may do so by calling your HMO's member services number. If you join an HMO and your doctor does not belong to that HMO or the doctor you have selected subsequently discontinues his or her association with the HMO, you will need to select another primary care physician within that HMO for the rest of the plan year. You may not change medical plans until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you move out of your HMO's service area. Please remember, you have a responsibility to coordinate your medical care in accordance with the provisions of the plan that you select to ensure all your medical needs are appropriately met.
In most HMOs, your PCP will be a member of a medical group or independent physician association (IPA). Please note that you generally will be required to use a specialist also associated with your PCP's medical group or IPA unless you receive specific authorization from your HMO. Please talk to your HMO or refer to your HMO's Evidence of Coverage regarding the role of the medical group or IPA in your particular HMO's benefit coverage.