Mental Health Care
Mental Health Care is covered at 70% of Customary and Reasonable Charges, after the annual deductible has been satisfied. Services shown below for the treatment of mental or nervous disorders are covered, provided the services offer a reasonable expectation of improvement, and are the appropriate level of care consistent with safe medical practices.
  • Inpatient hospital services as stated in the Hospital provision of this subsection; and services provided by a residential treatment center.
  • Visits to a day treatment center.
  • Physician visits during a covered inpatient stay or for outpatient psychotherapy or psychological testing for the treatment of mental or nervous disorders. Physician visits for rehabilitative care (such as physical therapy or occupational therapy) for the treatment of mental or nervous disorders.
In order to receive maximum benefits, services must be authorized and rendered by an Anthem Blue Cross behavioral health provider. See "Severe Mental Disorders" under "Medical Care That Is Covered" under the Definitions section for the Anthem Blue Cross-Administered Plans after the description of the Medicare Supplement Plan in this subsection.