Network Providers
The NAP provides in-network coverage through a preferred provider organization, or "PPO." A PPO consists of a network of doctors, hospitals, laboratories and other providers who have agreed to provide services based on a negotiated rate for each service. The NAP uses the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Plan PPO network in California. You can locate network providers by calling Anthem Blue Cross directly or by visiting its website.
Outside of California
Outside of California, the Plan uses the BlueCard PPO network of providers across the country who have agreed to provide services at negotiated rates. These providers participate in one of the local Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan PPO networks and are available to you through the BlueCard Program, but do not contract directly with Anthem Blue Cross. Also available are traditional providers who might not participate in a BlueCard PPO network, but have agreed to provide PPO members with health care services at a discounted rate. To locate BlueCard PPO providers, you may:
  • call Anthem Blue Cross Member Services at 800-964-0530; or
  • visit the Anthem Blue Cross website at or
Outside of the United States
Under the Plan, you may go directly to any provider or specialist of your choice without authorization from a primary care physician. The Plan encourages the use of the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Plan PPO network by offering a higher level of reimbursement when members use network providers.