For most individuals, Medicare Parts A, B and D benefits currently become available at the beginning of the month in which a person reaches age 65. Medicare Parts A, B and D benefits usually become available to individuals before age 65 if the individual receives Social Security disability benefits.
For Pacific Gas and Electric Company retirees and surviving dependents, the Company has retained the services of Allsup, Inc. to assist retirees under age 65 and their dependents under age 65 in applying for Social Security Disability benefits and enrolling in Medicare. These services are provided at no cost. If you are disabled and under age 65 or a dependent under age 65, you can call Allsup, Inc. at 888-339-0743 to request assistance. The Company reimburses disabled retirees and survivors under age 65 for the standard monthly Medicare Part B premiums. See "Medicare Credit for Medical Plan Members" under "Cost of Coverage" in the Health Care Participation section.
Medicare-eligible members have different Company-sponsored medical plan choices than members who are not Medicare-eligible. These plans interact or coordinate with Medicare in different ways. It's important that you have an understanding of your plan's relationship with Medicare so you can make choices that don't put you at a disadvantage with respect to how your Company-sponsored medical plan works with Medicare. (See "PG&E's Medicare Plan Options — General Information" in this subsection.) In addition, if you are Medicare-eligible and your dependents are not, or if you are not eligible for Medicare-eligible but a covered dependent is, you may be enrolled in different, but related, medical plans. (See charts earlier in this subsection.)