Open Enrollment
You will have the opportunity to change medical coverage options each fall during the annual Open Enrollment period. You may also delete or add eligible dependents at this time. (Remember, Ineligible Dependents must be deleted as soon as they first lose eligibility.)
Be sure to read the materials in your Open Enrollment package which will be sent to your home shortly before the annual period. The package contains important information about plan benefit and premium changes for the upcoming year. To make changes, follow the enrollment instructions in your package. Any coverage elections you make during the annual Open Enrollment period will become effective the following January 1.
Once you enroll, your medical plan elections and dependent coverage stay in effect for the entire calendar year. After the Open Enrollment period, you may not make changes to your coverage before the next Open Enrollment period unless:
  • you have a change-in-status;
  • you move out of your medical plan's service area; or
  • you want to disenroll from a Medicare HMO.
See "Mid-Year Health Care Enrollment Changes" for more information.
If you do not enroll during the annual Open Enrollment period, your current medical plan elections and dependent coverage will continue into the following year, provided you pay the required premium contributions. Please remember that premium contributions change annually.
Note: If you or a covered dependent are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (including Seniority Plus) and you wish to change to a different type of medical plan (for example CAP, ROP, MSP, or a Medicare COB HMO), you must complete a Medicare HMO Disenrollment form. (Also see "Medical Benefits for Medicare-Eligible Members" in the introduction to the Medical Coverage section.) This is a mandatory step in the disenrollment process and is necessary to ensure you receive maximum benefits and avoid unpaid claims after you switch plans. After electing to change plans, you will be sent a disenrollment form specific to the Medicare Advantage Plan in which you are currently enrolled. This form must be quickly completed and returned to the PG&E Benefits Service Center within a specified time frame in order for your plan change to become effective and for you to receive full benefits.