Conversion to an Individual Medical Policy
Individual Conversion Policy
You or your enrolled dependents may be eligible to convert your group medical plan coverage to an individual insurance policy, at your own expense, once your COBRA coverage is exhausted. This is called the conversion privilege. The benefits provided under the converted medical policy, however, may be different than those provided by the Company-sponsored medical plan.
The dental and vision plans do not offer conversion to individual policies.
The conversion privilege may be available to your dependents in the following instances:
  • when your dependent child no longer qualifies as an eligible dependent under the Company's plans;
  • when you and your spouse divorce or legally separate;
  • when you and your registered domestic partner no longer meet the domestic partnership criteria or end your domestic partnership; or
  • when you die and your surviving spouse/registered domestic partner and/or dependent child(ren) were covered before your death, and they do not continue Retiree Medical Plan coverage through the Company's Survivor Medical Benefits or through COBRA continuation coverage.
Your spouse/registered domestic partner and/or dependent children do not have to show that they are insurable to exercise the conversion privilege. It is important to note, however, that the individual policy offered by the medical plan carrier through the conversion privilege may provide different benefit coverage than that which your dependents had under the Company-sponsored medical plan or that which they had through COBRA, if eligible. The cost of a converted medical policy may also be considerably higher than Survivor Medical Benefits or COBRA continuation coverage. Purchasing conversion coverage may also limit your right to purchase a HIPAA conversion plan.
Please check with Anthem Blue Cross or your HMO, as appropriate, to learn more about conversion rights, benefits coverage and cost. You also have the option to contact an independent insurance broker or another health care provider to obtain medical coverage.