If Your Spouse or Another Dependent Dies
  • If your spouse, registered domestic partner or a dependent child dies, notify the PG&E Benefits Service Center at 866-271-8144 (open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time). If the dependent was covered under your medical plan, your coverage status reflecting the loss of dependent will be updated effective as of the beginning of the next month.
  • To establish, change, or review your beneficiary designations, go to MetLife's website at https://mybenefits.metlife.com/pg&e or call MetLife at 888-878-8490. To change your beneficiary for the Retirement Savings Plan, you can log onto www.401k.com. If you do not have Internet access, you may call the PG&E Corporation Retirement Savings Plan Service Center at 877-PGE-401K (877-743-4015).
  • If a transfer of PG&E Corporation stock is necessary, notify Mellon Investor Services at 800-719-9056.
If your spouse, registered domestic partner or child was your joint pensioner, you cannot transfer his or her joint pension election to another person, including a new spouse. Your pension will not increase unless you elected a special joint pension (see "Retirement Plan" in the Retirement Benefits section of this Handbook). All pension elections made at the time of retirement are irrevocable.