An employee who self-initiates contact with an EAP counselor does not need to tell his or her supervisor. With the employee's consent, the counselor may contact the supervisor to arrange time off from work, but will not provide information about the employee's personal problems.
Supervisory Referrals
If you are having performance problems on the job, your supervisor may make a formal recommendation that you talk with an EAP counselor. If you choose to speak with a counselor, the counselor will not discuss your personal problems with your supervisor. However, if you sign the Statement of Understanding, which is required for you to pursue EAP services, your counselor will provide your supervisor with non-clinical information, such as whether or not you have followed through in contacting EAP. Whether or not you choose to use the EAP or comply with a formal supervisor referral to EAP, you are still responsible for maintaining your job performance.
Referrals to Non-Contracted Providers
Referrals to service providers outside of ValueOptions EAP may be recommended to help you resolve problems. Those services may or may not be covered under your PG&E-sponsored health care plan or that of another employer or insurer through which you may have coverage. A referral, however, is not a guarantee that your medical plan or other provider will cover such services. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not outside services are covered under any such plan and to pay any charges that are not covered. If a referral is made to an outside counselor under your health plan, you are encouraged to follow your health plan's procedures for obtaining proper authorization and encouraged to follow through with any authorized treatment plan.